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LIDERMAN – Tel Aviv’s veteran specialty store for collectors

The veteran, well-established specialty store “Liderman” in Tel-Aviv has, for many years, served as a solid reference source, a home and “nerve center” for aspiring and established collectors of such items as coins, banknotes, medals, stamps, antiquities, phone cards and catalogs.

Mr. Liderman is a certified trader of the Israeli Government Medals & Coins Corporation, and a listed Israel Stamp Service trader.

The store was founded in the 1970’s by the late Shmuel and Golda Liderman.

The Israel Govermonet coins and medals corporation appointed the Liderman store as an authorized dealer.

The store is managed by two generations of the Liderman family. Our extensive  connections with collectors, hobbyists and traders around the globe, the reputation and seniority we established over decades of dedicated service and, most importantly – our in-depth, thoroughgoing knowledge – all of these enable us to provide each customer and collector with the most reliable,
comprehensive, detailed and current
information available regarding an extensive range of collectibles and valuables.

LIDERMAN – we collect collectors

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Jacob (Kobi) Liderman

 mobile :  972 – 52 – 2538831

18 Ben Yehuda St, Tel Aviv.

בן יהודה 18, תל אביב 63802   טל’: 6299453 – 03,  נייד:2538831 – 052   דוא”ל: liderman@netvision.net.il

 18Ben Yehuda St.  Tel Aviv 63802  Tel: 03-6299453,  Mobile: 052-2538831   E-mail: liderman@netvision.net.il